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Miscellaneous Accessories for  Olympus and Beckman AU640 Chemistry Analyzers

Sourcing parts for your Olympus Beckman AU640 chemistry analyzers doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. At Peripheral Visions, we provide laboratories with a good selection of parts and accessories that are specifically made to be compatible with your brand of chemistry analyzer. Each part and accessory is developed and tested with the same standards as their OEM counterparts so you can keep your Beckman chemistry analyzer running for several more years to come.

With over 25 years of experience, Peripheral Visions sets the standard for superior quality chemistry analyzer replacement parts, consumables, and accessories for general laboratories, hospital service organizations, reagent and analyzer manufacturers, MOH's, analyzer rebuilders, and biomedical professionals worldwide. Peripheral Visions also provides tech support and application advice from real lab equipment experts on a wide variety of analyzer brands and models, as well as the electrodes and ISE's.